Welcome to Fête Box

If you're reading this blog post we are one step ahead of yesterday, and that is a great feeling! While I'm not a professional blogger (or even a blogger at all) I am in love with hosting parties. With this blog I aim to share a behind the scenes view of things I love that pertain to parties: food, decor, tips, and an insider look at the things that memorable parties are made of.

While I won't ever claim to be Martha Stewart, I will take a tiny bit of credit for hosting awesome parties. That is what led me here to you, and to Fête Box. It is my goal to eventually build a community here that can support and inspire each other. To get the ball rolling, I would like to share a little about myself:

  • I run entirely on coffee
  • I live in Kansas City with My Daughter (we'll call her Q), My Husband, 2 fur babies, 5 backyard hens, and several fishies
  • My favorite food is anything asian-inspired
  • Light Teal/Aqua is my favorite color
  • Air conditioning is not my friend
  • My hair is crazy curly. Like really, really, crazy
  • I earned my Bachelors of Fine Art degree from the Kansas City Art Institute with a specialization in Fibers
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday
  • Cake for breakfast is my jam