Hostess Secrets: Choosing a Party Theme that Works - Fête Box

There are multiple levels of being a hostess that makes each party a success. While there are no guarantees that any number of hostess tips will actually make your party "better" there are some tips that I truly believe enhance the overall affect of a party! Here are my 5 tips to choosing a party theme.

hostess secrets-choosing a party theme that works

1. Think Outside the Box. Aim for a theme that you haven't seen before. This sounds simple, but it is a technique that I very rarely see put into practice. You'd be surprised to see how much this impresses your guests.

2. Choose something relevant to you. Does your child love the polar bear at the zoo? Awesome, a polar bear party it is! Your Husband's favorite thing to do is eat buffalo wings? A "wing bar" sounds like the perfect party food option to me. Choose what the party honoree loves, and roll with it.

3.) Use decor that works. I would never recommend a load of paper products for a pool party, or an all white color palette for a 3 year old's birthday. Start with your theme, and brainstorm what makes that site unique. Then, collect the appropriate items to make it happen!

4. Re-use. For my Daughter's 1st birthday I had my Husband build wooden cake platters in various sizes and heights that we could use for years to come. Literally every single year, I bust them out of storage about a month in advance, and paint them to match that years birthday theme. It saves us a ton of $ and always offers a new look. Keep gently used party items safely stowed away until you need them. You would be surprised the things we have been able to use for several years in a row---and none of our guests have had a clue!

5. Think unique. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing the same party theme ideas over and over. Instead of settling for a baseball theme, why not opt for a unique spin on that? Maybe it's a vintage baseball theme, or a baseball concession stand theme. The point is, take a common theme and make it your own. The idea will stretch so much further if you put your own twist on it.