If you have little one's, or have ever been to Disney (um, it should be disclosed that in our home we fully support Disney lovers of all ages!) chances are you are excited to watch the Disneyland 60th Anniversary Special tonight (February 21st, 2016) on ABC.

Because I'm not a huge fan of letting Q sit like a lump and watch TV, I am always looking for a way to make shows more interactive. It is no secret that she's itching to make her first trek to Disney, so watching the parade tonight should be extra exciting for her.

disneyland60 scavenger hunt image 1

To keep her mind engaged and active, we will be using this awesome Scavenger Hunt Printable while watching the parade! It features more than 25 well known and loved Disney characters to search for.

disneyland60 scavenger hunt image 2

Here are a few variations on the Scavenger Hunt you could try:

  • Cover each character with a small candy. Find the beau or belle and eat the prize!
  • Name each show or movie the character starred in when they appear during the parade.
  • Offer a special surprise or dessert for the child who finds all the characters first.
  • If you have competitive kids that will be watching, use a stopwatch to time who can find the character the fastest. Have them flip their Scavenger Hunt page over (blank side up) before the time starts to keep it fair.
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Don't forget to check your local listing to see what time the TV Special begins in your area tonight!


Maddie | Fete Box Founder