Red Velvet Popcorn RecipeRed Velvet Cake Batter Popcorn: The Easiest (and most delicious!) Valentine's Snack EVER!

Valentine's always comes and goes in a flash. Like us, you're probably searching for a last-minute, quick, easy, snack that is made from items already in your pantry.  This recipe is FAST to make , and tastes insanely delicious------not kidding. We've yet to meet anyone that didn't love the taste of cake batter! You can use any type of cake mix that you have on hand, allowing you to really tailor this recipe for any occasion. Keep reading to see how to make this delicious popcorn....

Red Velvet Cake Batter Popcorn


  • 1-½ cup Melted Almond Bark Or White Chocolate (follow package instructions for melting)
  • ¼ cups Vegetable Shortening
  • 1-½ cup Red Velvet Cake Mix (any flavor you have will do)
  • 6 cups Popcorn (popped, bag-popped will work here as well)
  • ¼ cups Sprinkles

Red Velvet Popcorn 2

Preparation Instructions

Melt the almond bark/chocolate in the microwave according to package instructions. Once melted, add the vegetable shortening to the almond bark/chocolate and stir until it is melted as well. Then add the cake mix to the almond bark/chocolate and stir until completely mixed. Pour the coating onto the popcorn and coat evenly. Pour the popcorn in one layer onto cookie sheets to cool/harden. Sprinkle immediately with your choice of sprinkles. To expedite this process I sometimes pop the cookie sheets into the fridge or freezer for a quick blast. Wait until fully hardened and enjoy!

Red Velvet Popcorn 3
Red Velvet Popcorn 4

Happy Valentine's Day!


This recipe was adapted from my favorite Cake Batter Popcorn recipe by Pioneer Woman.