Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and we understand that it can be really difficult to come up with plans or ideas for the evening. Does this conversation ever play out in your relationship?

  1. Me: What do you want to do tonight?
  2. Him: I don't know. What do you want to do tonight?
  3. Me: Well, I don't know. What were you thinking? get the picture! Worry no more. We brainstormed long and hard over this one so that you wouldn't have to. Follow the steps below for the best Valentine's ever!

Valentine's Date Night Idea 1 Date Night Kit

This box provides an experience rather than simply decor items, which is guaranteed to wow your partner. This Date Night box can be enjoyed regardless of what you choose to do with the rest of your Valentine's Day evening. Go out to dinner? Surprise her with this when you get home. Stay home for dinner? She'll be floored when you pull out this box after you eat. Have kids at home? No worries, tuck those babies into bed and sneak away together for a romantic evening.

Step 1: Order your Valentine's Date Night Box & Hide It!

This may sound silly......but it's true. Hide your Date Night box once it arrives! Do it!

Step 2: Wait for the day to arrive

Very likely to be the hardest part about this whole thing. Don't forget to pick up a bottle (or two!) of her favorite full-bodied red wine. UPDATE: We heard your feedback and we've created 4 new chocolate pairings for white wine lovers! Choose your preferred variety at checkout.

Step 3: Surprise her with the box after dinner.

You sly devil you. She'll be thrilled and totally surprised!

Step 4: Set the mood

Light candles, sprinkle some confetti, lay out your tasting sheets, match up the chocolates, pour 2 glasses of wine, and you're ready to roll. All of the items just mentioned are included----except the wine!

Valentines Date Night Idea 2

Step 5: Tasting time!

Hide your cell phones, turn off the tv, play some music, and enjoy tasting the chocolates together. Take your time, this is the fun part. Make notes as you go along. Compare the different flavor notes you both pick up along the way. Tasting the chocolates blindfolded is an additional option for added sensuality!

Step 6: Reveal Sexy Scratcher tickets

Scratch as many of the 3 sexy scratcher tickets included in your box......and see where the night takes you.

Step 7: Redeem all the praises

Sit back and listen to your partner sing your praises. NAILED IT! (no pun intended)


Maddie | Fete Box Chief Party Curator