5 Tips on Working With Creatives - Fête Box

I have always been a creative person, and have worked for nearly 10 years--in various fashions--in a creative manner. Along the way I have realized that many people simply have no idea how to work or collaborate with a creative person. Read: work effectively. I am here to share my 5 favorite tips on how to work effectively with creatives.



1.) Have an idea. Yes, we are really creative, and yes, we have plenty of ideas of our own. But if you expect the final product to be something that you love and have emotional ties to then be prepared with at least one idea when we first connect----creatives are not mind readers (although we are close!)

2.) Be open. Nothing in this world frustrates me more than when I am contacted for a project and the person has an idea (yay for that!) until they decide to try and dictate the entire creative experience. Part of the fun is watching your idea evolve into the next level. If you're micromanaging every single step then we guarantee the process and result will suffer.

3.) Be understanding. There aren't many things that can't be achieved in general when you are working with a truly creative person. But sometimes, things have to bend and flex just a tad to truly jive. You may want your project to look like A > B > C, but let's just say a certain material needed cannot be found in the exact shade of pink you need. We may need to try B > C > A in order to achieve the same look and feel while working around the material restrictions. Is this the end of the world? No. Trust us, it's way harder than it seems to work in several materials and processes into one single object....and ultimately we want you to be happy.

4.) We strive to please, so be kind. Simply put. No one is harder on a creative person than said creative person. We beat ourselves up inside for the tiniest of details, so trust us when we say we don't need any additional pressure. We ultimately love to please our clients and customers and would travel the lengths of the earth to make it happen.

5.) Trust our skills. I understand this is a hard one, as most people do not like to relinquish control. But also know that this is one of the most important tips for a positive project end result. Most of us have spent years and years culminating skills, practicing them, adding new ones, and working hard to achieve super positive client feedback. After all, we are the only ones driving our personal business. You can trust us to put font A in the right spot, and you can also trust that the shade of dusty purple you've been after will come out just fine. Just trust us, period.

May your next creative projects run more smoothly :-)