Nothing speaks louder than the words of real customers who have hosted real parties with Fête Box.

Here IS what they have to say:

•Opening the box immediately lifted the weight of party planning from my shoulders! I can't imagine a better feeling when planning a party at 37 weeks pregnant.

Fête Box is the best idea ever and I can't believe it didn't exist until now. Who wants to spend time thinking about every little detail, and then ordering and assembling it all? Have someone more creative and more detail-oriented do it for you with Fete Box!

I was very impressed when I first opened my Fête Box. Not only at the quantity of supplies, but also at how everything was put together so nicely.

•I feel like guests were commenting on EVERYTHING. I got a lot of comments about the food label tents, the picks I used for the cupcakes, and the fabric garland. And I got a lot of post-party comments after people opened up their goody bags and saw the special tea-tags.

It was just so convenient to have someone else do the work for you. I don't have the time or the ability to put together a party this creative or this detail-oriented. This shower was beyond anything I could do myself, so having someone else take your ideas, paint a vision, and create the party is worth every penny.

The attention to detail was just stunning. It took the vague ideas I had with my pinterest board and turned them into a real party that I could visualize from the moment I opened the box.

No party stress and easy set-up. I spent way more time with my birthday girl and guests because everything was done so quickly! I also looked like a rockstar, throwing this amazing looking party when I was super-duper pregnant.

When I first opened the Fete Box, I was so excited and impressed by how organized everything fit in the box and how gorgeous and unique each item was!

Everything in the box was put together with great care. I could tell that things were hand crafted just for me and my party.
•Everyone was so impressed with the whole display. They loved the hand-made streamer/banner. Everyone really commented on the food table and how gorgeous everything was.

•The quality of the items was fantastic! Nothing looked cheap at all. You can tell that there was so much attention to detail in creating the items.

Fete Box helped me create a Pinterest-worthy party without the headache! It saved me so much time and money. I really would not be able to throw a party this gorgeous and put-together without this service. It was so convenient.

My box was perfect. There wasn't one thing I wish was included. It had everything I needed.

•As I put the decorations together and other items out for the party I just kept thinking of how much time you spent on making and gathering everything. When you put in your letter that you put a lot of hard work and love into the items, it showed and I felt it!

•Since I did not host the party at my home, it was so convenient to grab the Fête Box and go to the shower destination.

Everything was so organized I just had to take it out and put it wherever it needed to go which is a HUGE help when you are rushing around trying to get ready for a party!

I loved that the box wasn't overly big. It had just the right amount of stuff for a party. Sometimes when you get "party packages" from amazon or from the paper warehouse it comes with a bunch of things you wouldn't really need.

•All of the adults were just taken back by everything. You just don't see handmade stuff very often. It's usually just the prepackaged party stuff and quite frankly I think that stuff just isn't as pretty as the items that were in my Fête Box. Even the guys at the party commented how cool the banner was and the centerpieces!

•The banner really got me. It was so professionally done and is something that will be a total keepsake!

•Fête Box allowed me be able to enjoy myself a bit more than I usually get to. With everything labeled I was able to have some help decorating and I didn't have to tell them what to do.

•I was sent just the right amount of decor. I actually got to sit back and have a glass of wine before our guests showed.