Our Story

Hey there! I'm Maddie, the Owner and Designer at Fête Box. For the last several years I have enjoyed creating custom stationery and invitations for clients all over the US based out of my studio in Kansas City. It just so happens my Husband John and I also love to host awesome and elaborate parties at our home. While brainstorming a way to make beautiful parties easy and accessible to hosts/hostesses everywhere, I came upon the concept behind Fête Box. Being lucky enough to have a professional art background, I have the skills to take any party concept and turn it into a tangible operating event; And as a Mom, friend, and modern woman, I understand the desire to throw awesome parties for our children, friends, co-workers (anyone!) without slaving over craft tables and inspiration websites for hours. Don't worry, Fête Box is here to make your life a whole lot easier!

Design & Quality

One of the most valuable qualities that Fête Box offers is the ability to create and customize paper goods like invitations, party accents, and paper goods. Each Fête Box is designed and curated as if the party were our own. Add in a fine attention to detail, knowledge of endless paper and fabric possibilities and the result is a product that is unique to you in every way!  We think you will find that the attention to detail and quality stands out above the crowd.

Unsure of the type of party you are trying to achieve? That's okay! We're fully equipped to guide you through the process regardless.

**Images above taken by Kansas City Blogger and Photographer Brooke Ratterree


Fête (pronounced fℰt) simply means party in French. Our Founder, Maddie, studied French for several years (and nearly minored in the language during College!) and drew inspiration from the language when developing the Fête Box brand. She thought the ring of "Fête Box" was just perfect, elegant, and unique.

Handmade + Sustainable

Here at Fête Box we pride ourselves on making a large portion of each box by hand in our studio just outside of Kansas City. Here are a few fun facts about our handmade process:

  1. As many paper items as possible are designed in-house, then printed, cut, packaged, and shipped all by Fête Box!
  2. 100% Recycled (and is manufactured from windmill power) paper cardstock is used for 99% of our work. How awesome is that!
  3. Handmade does not mean quality is sacrificed. In fact, we strive to make every item in our Fête Boxes with an extraordinary level of attention to detail.
  4. Our Fête Boxes are assembled by us, and each item is hand picked by our Founder, Maddie. It is our goal to create your Fête Box as if it were a party we were hosting ourselves.

We're Here for You

At Fête Box we're not just here to sell you the things you need to host an awesome party. We are engaged in, and committed to building long-term relationships with you! We find building a relationship with our customers is a natural progression. When you trust Fête Box with your event, we get the honor of celebrating life's greatest joys with you; and that is far more worthy to us than any amount of money.