New Years Eve is a fun time for all, but it tends to come in like a freight train, right on the tail of Christmas. We are all about the party (of course!) but believe that NYE can be stressful if you're not careful. No matter the age of your guests, we have 5 tips that you can use to make NYE stress free.

clink balloon for new years eve

1.) Start Planning NOW! The key to NYE is planning before Christmas. Do you need to have a appetizer table layout all planned and ready to roll? Probably not. But would it help to have a good idea of the style you are aiming to achieve? Yes. Pro tip: Stay tuned for a super stylish Fete Box NYE Party that may just inspire yours!

2.) Choose an event time, and guests asap! Most people are focused entirely on Christmas right now.....which means you can still choose your event time and fine-tune your guest list before it's too late. Pro tip: Pay special attention to how your guests mesh. Inviting guests whose personalities compliment each others is key to a lively party (without the chance of unwanted drama!)

3.) Shop NYE food items on your next grocery trip. This tip is a huge time and stress saver. Chances are, you make approximately the same foods for NYE every year and you will likely make 1 more shopping trip before Christmas. That means, you can add all of the food items that have a long shelf-life like crackers, dipping oils, dips, chips, salsas, etc. to your list now. Pick them up on your next shopping trip and BAM! you've already got a leg up on NYE prep. Pro Tip: Don't forget to add plates, cups, napkins, and ice to the list ;-)

4.) Clean in advance. No one wants to clean all day, and then party all night. Instead, clean up your place, arrange food table(s), prep table cloths, freshen bedding (in case you end up with unexpected overnight guests), vacuum, and dust all in advance. Pro Tip: Clean your restroom(s) on the day of for ultimate freshness.

5.) Plan for back-up fun. Everyone has attended a party that doesn't live up to it's expectations. Womp womp. Don't let that happen to you! Instead, anticipate some dull moments , and plan ahead. Are your friends the board game type? Have some tucked away for easy access that can be pulled out when things start to get dull. Music lovers? Make an up-beat playlist that is sure to keep everyone on their feet all night long. Everyone bringing kids? Prep kid friendly snacks and a movie that can be set up in a flash. Pro Tip: Place smaller snack bowls around your entertaining area to keep guests from congregating in one area all night. This ensures that all guests are mingling together, which will help you avoid needing your back-up fun!



P.S: Custom calligraphy balloons in partnership with the lovely Lily from LoveLetterCallig